The IAQ® Skillset

Your Intentional Adaptability Quotient® focuses on developing the human skills to effectively navigate complex change in an unprecedented future. We teach three foundational skills to amplify your IAQ®:

FOCUS - How to create the space for more of what matters in a world designed to distract you.

COURAGE – How to use fear and failure as a lever for the change you seek.

CURIOSITY – As a state of being rather than something you do in your spare time…of which people tell us they have none.

Our experiential learning process is designed to drive Self Accountability, Human Connection, Experimentation and Reflection in order to cultivate mentally well perpetual learners who thrive.

What Are The Benefits Of Amplifying Your IAQ®?

The Story Behind IAQ®

From Harvard Business Review to McKinsey to Deloitte, it seems that everyone is talking about the need for a skill in adaptability in order to prepare for the future. Our founder, Penny Locaso, became curious about the skills that make someone highly adaptable. In her research she came across an HBR article that spoke about adaptability being the new competitive advantage - your AQ (Adaptability Quotient) would prove more important than your EQ (Emotional Intelligence Quotient) and IQ (Intelligence Quotient) in the context of the future. It was the new intelligence.

When Penny couldn’t find anyone teaching intentional adaptability or a way to measure it, she went out and created it. BKindred has partnered with multinational, Fortune 50, ASX100 and educational organisations to introduce the concept of IAQ® to large workforces. Their feedback has been intriguing - that an ability to intentionally adapt contributes to increased creativity and innovation in the workplace, unlocked potential, improved wellbeing, and stronger social connections.

The Future Is Here. Are You Ready?

Amplify Your Intentional Adaptability Quotient®


IAQ® Skill #1: Focus

Have you ever considered what busy is code for and how it’s impacting your ability (or that of your team) to thrive? Busy has become a default position in the business world, and it presents a huge barrier to possibility. We break the busy barrier through our Busy = Bulls**t Challenge.

We teach you how to focus in a world that’s designed to distract you, and how to create the space for more of what matters.


IAQ® Skill #2: Courage

How do you use fear and failure to shape the change you seek in your life, your work, and in the world around you? We do this through our Fear(less) Masterclass.

We teach you how to be fear(less) and amplify your courageous decision making ability.


IAQ® Skill #3: Curiosity

Curiosity holds the key to reinvention, innovation, and greater fulfillment. Through the Curiosity Challenge, we teach individuals how to amplify their curious mindset and behaviours, how to have more curious conversations, and ask more curious questions to inform more impactful and intentional decisions.

We teach individuals how to use curiosity as a state of being rather than something they do in their spare time of which they tell us they have none.


Amplify Wellbeing and Innovation

Unlock Your IAQ® - The New Intelligence

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