Intentionally Adapt and Shape Your Future

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What is IAQ®?

The measure of how skilled you are in making intentional change in an environment evolving at speed.

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IAQ® Pillar #1: Focus

Have you ever considered what busy means and how it’s impacting the ability of your people to thrive? Busy has become a default position in the business world, and it presents a huge barrier to possibility. We break these barriers through our Busy = Bullsh*t Challenge.

We teach your people how to focus in a world that’s designed to distract you.

IAQ® Pillar #2: Courage

Once we’ve removed the barrier  of busy and created the skill to focus we activate IAQ® pillar #2: Courage. In this pillar we show you how to use fear and failure to make the change you seek in your life, your work, and in the world. We do this through our Fear(less) Masterclass.

We teach your people how to be more courageous in their decision making.

IAQ® Pillar #3: Curiosity

When the two biggest barriers that hold us back from Intentionally Adapting are removed - Busy and Fear - we step into pillar #3: Curiosity! This is the reward of IAQ® and the door opener to reinvention, innovation, and greater fulfillment.

Our Curiosity Challenge teaches Curiosity as a way to show up, expand learning and build deep relationships in the everyday. Curious Conversations is powerful and relatively under utilised in a distracted world.

We teach your people how to use curiosity as a state of being rather than something you do when you have spare time.

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