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Human First Leadership Program

Predictions indicate that 50% of Fortune 500 companies will be replaced in the next 10 years. Will your company be disrupted by another competitor or unseen start-up?

The Human First Leadership Program is a world first IAQ™️ pedagogy designed to fast-track your leaders in intentional adaptability.

We provide your leaders with the space, the skills and the resources to drive a future-focused culture in your organisation with innovation and wellbeing at its core.



According to Harvard Business Review, Intentional Adaptability Quotient™️ is the new competitive advantage. We're here to amplify the IAQ™️ of your leaders and influencers so they can intentionally innovate in an unprecedented technological era.

Our thought-provoking, immersive workshops focus on future-proofing self and business by teaching the ‘how’ of intentional change.

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Speaking Engagements

Want a future-proof taster with a difference? BKindred Founder Penny Locaso brings a thought provoking no BS approach to audiences from dozens to thousands. Whether it’s for your employees, your community or your customers, Penny will leave your audience inspired, empowered and activated. View a sample of Penny in action.

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