Humanising The Future Of Work

We’ve never been more technologically connected yet humanly disconnected, the rate of loneliness has more than doubled since the 1980s and the mental wellbeing of our society is in crisis.

Humanising The Future Of Work is a thought-provoking Masterclass designed to enlighten business leaders on how technological advancements are unconsciously impacting how we work and diminishing the uniquely human skills required to thrive.

Designed to shift your focus from the technological age to the human age. Walk out the door with three simple hacks that will enable you to enter your workplace the next day and start humanising the future.


Future Proof

Predictions indicate an unprecedented scale of disruption caused by the full realisation of automation and technology. To thrive in the rapidly advancing digital economy, those of us who work and lead will need to be prepared, but many of us are unsure how, or where to begin.

Future Proof is a half day workshop that provides a unique opportunity to re-conceptualise what work looks like, and how we can leverage the Future Of Work for greater happiness, greater workplaces, and social impact

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Human First Leadership Program

Predictions indicate that 50% of Fortune 500 companies will be replaced in the next 5 years. Will your company be disrupted by another competitor or unseen start-up? The Human First Leadership Program is a world first pedagogy designed to fast-track your leaders in intentional adaptability. We provide the space, the skills, and the resources to evolve a future-ready mindset with innovation and wellbeing at the core.

We have partnered with KPMG, NAB, Mercer and Deloitte to develop our world first Intentional Adaptability Programming, so you can trust that you’re in good company. We are also partnering with PHD Student, and educational game-changer, Sophie Fenton to validate our pedagogy as part of her PHD.


Busy = Bullshit

A workshop for leaders seeking to learn foundational skills to thrive in the Future Of Work, improve team mental wellbeing and empower their people to be positively occupied.

What is busy and how does it impact our ability, and that of our people to thrive in the Future Of Work? Busy has become one of the most overused default words in the business world and what does it really mean? Often the feelings that sit behind busy are overwhelm, imbalance and lack of control which drives not only a bad case of short-termism but equally mental unrest and a lack of productivity.

With the level of anxiety in the professional world at epidemic proportions and the pace of change becoming faster and even more disorientating we have a responsibility as leaders to take action and support out people.

Imagine a world where the word 'busy' didn’t exist? Imagine a world where we replaced busy with positively occupied.

How would this impact our ability to gain clarity on work that matters, connect with others, reduce the overwhelm and create greater happiness in the workplace?

Busy = Bullshit is a transformative workshop that seeks to skill leaders in cultivating the uniquely human skills to thrive in the future of work. 

Leaders will walk away with:

A fresh perspective on reducing the noise and focusing on the work that matters

A set of simple hacks to challenge the busy within your team

A prioritised plan of attack to weave more balance in the every day


The Fear(less) Masterclass

Imagine the innovation that could be created in your business if fear did not hold your people back. Imagine the leadership diversity of an organisation that encouraged everyone to bring their whole self to work.

Fear is often the number one barrier preventing your people from stepping into positive change, at work, and in life.  Many temper themselves and their brilliant ideas due to fear of failure, being exposed as an imposter, or what others might think.  This eye-opening, tactics-based program identifies what’s holding your people back and teaches them how to use fear to positively influence behavioural and organisational change, build confidence and practice resilience.

The Fear(less) Masterclass is a powerful way to innovatively shift the culture of your organisation by making fear a positive emotion that is shared, problem-solved collectively, and celebrated, ultimately leading to more innovative thinking, improved change capability, and agility.

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