According to Harvard Business Review, IAQ® is the new competitive advantage. We're here to amplify the IAQ® of your leaders and influencers so they can intentionally innovate in an unprecedented technological era. Our thought-provoking, immersive workshops focus on future-proofing self and business by teaching the ‘how’ of intentional change.

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Humanising The Future Of Work

We’ve never been more technologically connected yet humanly disconnected, the rate of loneliness has more than doubled since the 1980s and the mental wellbeing of our society is in crisis.

Humanising The Future Of Work is a thought-provoking Masterclass designed to enlighten business leaders on how technological advancements are unconsciously impacting how we work and diminishing the uniquely human skills required to thrive.

Designed to shift your focus from the technological age to the human age. Walk out the door with three simple hacks that will enable you to enter your workplace the next day and start humanising the future.


IAQ® Leadership Program

After experiencing the Humanising The Future Of Work workshop, enrol in the IAQ® Leadership Program. It is an experiential learning deep dive designed to skill your people in making intentional change in an environment evolving at speed.

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What They're Saying

Alice Van Der Geest, Treasurer

Penny is a genuine presenter who resonates with her audiences through the authentic delivery of her personal journey and advocating for all to step into Fear.  Melbourne Airport engaged Penny to present as part of their Women At APAC initiative after a group of women heard one of Penny’s keynote speeches on International Women’s Day.  The vibe in the room was amazing and the Group has leveraged the practical tips presented at the session.  The buzz and feedback at the end of the session has meant that we will soon be holding a men’s only session.  Penny is passionate, confident, self-aware and certainly memorable. We highly recommend Penny, you will not be disappointed.

Richard Harry, General Manager

The ’Fear(less) Masterclass’ with our senior team was invaluable, in providing the right environment to become vulnerable through opening up on their biggest fears and challenges through having real conversations. The team gained significant insight into each other and the traits needed to thrive in an engaged, high performing team. The feedback was extremely positive, with the overwhelming theme being that the 2 days presented the perfect platform to learn, realign and continue on our journey as a team.

Jenni Flower, ANZ Change Manager

The Fear(less) Masterclass was an incredible experience. The passion and energy for people created an environment of honesty and trust. This workshop helped open my mind to things I wasn’t even aware were holding me back….and how different things could be if I could let go. The sky’s the limit! I would highly recommend BKindred for any group who could benefit from letting go of the past and ‘thinking differently'.

Lululemon Leader

Exactly what every woman and man needs, time out of their ‘busy’ life and time spent working what is important to them, what their fears are and how to work through them.