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Looking for a speaker to help your people see the future through a fresh lens? BKindred Founder Penny Locaso brings a thought provoking no BS approach to audiences from dozens to thousands. Whether it’s for your employees, your community or your customers, Penny will leave your audience inspired, empowered and activated. View a sample of Penny in action.

Penny is an acclaimed TEDx and keynote speaker, having shared the stage with world renowned speakers including Dorie Clark, Gail Kelly, Yossi Ghinsberg, and Bernard Salt. Some past engagements:

-TEDx Melbourne

-Singularity University at the NASA Research Centre

-Google Head Office Silicon Valley




-Coca Cola



Penny’s audiences learn how to take ownership of their future, their happiness, and leave the room feeling empowered to take action.

Please find below a sample of keynote topics relating to building the human skills to thrive in the future. Feel free to contact us if you’d like to book a keynote, discuss a bespoke talk for your team or community, or view a sample of Penny’s keynote style.

The Busy Shall Inherit The Future, The Intentionally Adaptable Will Shape It

Which do you choose, busy or intentionally adaptable? 

Happiness Hacker Penny Locaso seeks to challenge the busy epidemic and the barrier it is creating in humanity's ability to effectively shape the future. 

Learn why skill in Intentional Adaptability® is critical to thriving in the age of exponential technology. Understand why we need to focus on new ways of being rather than more doing in order to realise possibility. Leave curious to explore further the concept of IAQ® (Intentional Adaptability Quotient) and how you might use it to drive the change you seek in your life and the world around you.


Happiness Hacking

 We are experiencing happiness poverty, and it’s impacting our ability to thrive in a world of exponential change. It will come as no surprise that organisations are investing millions, if not billions of dollars in finding ways to increase employee engagement, enhance employee wellbeing and drive greater productivity, all in order to improve performance. Yet the research shows that:

More than 50% of workers are still unhappy, 66% of the workforce is still disengaged, with 13% of those actively disengaged at a cost of up to $550 billion a year for American companies alone.

3 in 5 workers (61%) say they are burned out in their current job, and 31% report high or extremely high levels of stress at work.

What if our focus is on the wrong things? What if the answer to many of these challenges lay in enabling your people to find more happiness in the everyday?

What if our societal definition of success is flawed and the secret to happiness lay in the complete opposite of what we’d been led to believe?

We will debunk the success = happiness equation and consider the opportunity that lies in flipping our mindset towards a new equation happiness = success.

We will explore how building skill in Intentional Adaptability®  provides a tactical basis on which to build more joy in how you work and live.

This is not a typical keynote, Penny’s highly engaging style will see your audience hacking happiness in the room.

Walk away with a practical model and a set of simple hacks to enable you to bring more intentionality to how you adapt in your work and life and more happiness into your everyday.


Fear Is Your Future

How often do you let fear stop you from pursuing something you really want? Just imagine the happiness, creativity, and innovation, that could be realised, if fear did not hold us back. What would it feel like to be unapologetically you, in any situation? What if we didn’t have to imagine, and as a society, we could cultivate the skills, and environment, to leverage our greatest fears, as a foundation for happy lives and happy work?

In a world of exponential technological advancement, the only guaranteed constant is change. Yet many of us fear it and lack the skills to leverage change to our advantage. Fear Is Your Future seeks to provoke curiosity and demonstrate how fear is the greatest lever available to us, in making impactful and intentional change, in a future of unknowns.

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Human First

We've never been more technologically connected yet humanly disconnected, the rate of loneliness has more than doubled since the 1980s and the mental wellbeing of our society is in crisis.

Human First is a thought-provoking look at how the way we are unconsciously creating and engaging with technology is impacting our humanity.

Penny demonstrates why connecting with what it means to be human is critical to our ability to thrive in a world of exponential technological growth.

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What They're Saying

Kaylene O’Brien, Managing Partner, Deloitte Consulting Australia

From my first meeting with Penny, she was so easy to work with and we connected quickly on the topic of busy-ness, the negative impact and it’s priority. All of the feedback I’ve received from our 300 plus conference attendees was positive, and the challenge from Penny to us is a real catalyst for change in our organisation. The conversation of busy-ness, happiness and impact is now on the table and we are set for action.

Katie Dufficy, Director Communications Salesforce Asia Pacific

Penny was passionate, articulate, dynamic and added a lot of value to our panel discussion at the Salesforce World Tour Sydney. She was also a delight to deal with and we would love to work with her again – and suspect we will!

Angel Llull Mancas, Senior Director North America at Booking.com

I had the honor and the pleasure to host Penny as a Keynote speaker at our Booking.com annual meeting in Amsterdam. She delivered a great experience and an extremely inspirational speech in front of a couple of thousand people. The content of the Fear Is Your Future talk and the way it was delivered caused a great impact and her interaction was awesome.

Nigel Davis, Organisational & Sustainable Development Lead, Medibank

We were looking to drive some “outside the box” conversations this International Women’s Day- and Penny certainly delivered!  Her Fear is your Future keynote was both inspiring and informative.  It helped to move the conversation beyond the traditional conversations about gender, and into the realms of creating a future one success (and mistake) at a time.  Our employees left feeling motivated and asking themselves the question “What can I do to prepare myself for the future, today?

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