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Fear Is Your Future Keynote

How often do you let fear stop you from pursuing something you really want? Just imagine the happiness, creativity, and innovation, that could be realised, if fear did not hold us back. What would it feel like to be unapologetically you, in any situation? What if we didn’t have to imagine, and as a society, we could cultivate the skills, and environment, to leverage our greatest fears, as a foundation for happy lives and happy work?

In a world of exponential technological advancement, the only guaranteed constant is change. Yet many of us fear it and lack the skills to leverage change to our advantage. Fear Is Your Future seeks to provoke curiosity and demonstrate how fear is the greatest lever available to us, in making impactful and meaningful change, in a future of unknowns.

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Human First Keynote (NEW RELEASE)

We’ve never been more technologically connected yet humanly disconnected, the rate of loneliness has more than doubled since the 1980s and the mental wellbeing of our society is in crisis.

Human First is a thought-provoking look at how technological advancements are unconsciously impacting how we work and live.

Penny demonstrates why wellbeing and happiness is critical to our future decision making process and challenges you to consider what can I do?

Together we reframe the conversation from the future of work to the future of humanity.

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