Intentional Adaptability Quotient® Topics

Looking for a speaker, workshop or challenge to support your people in embracing the challenges of the unprecedented time we find ourselves in?

The BKindred team brings a thought-provoking, no-BS approach to audiences from dozens to thousands. Our team is deeply passionate about igniting a new wave of leaders with the skills to make intentional decisions about how they adapt in a complex environment. 

We offer a diverse range of topics (outlined below) that can be delivered virtually or in person.



COVID-19 is spreading exponentially, workforces have been sent home, physical distancing and self-isolation are the new norm and school's out. Welcome to the reality of being a professional in 2020. Partner this complexity with a workforce that was already feeling burnt out, anxious and humanly disconnected and you have the platform for a perfect storm. Whilst the immediate priority is focused on flattening the curve, the long-term critical priority is maintaining the mental health of our society so that those who survive have the ability to thrive.

We find ourselves at a forced moment of inflection. Mother nature has sent us to our metaphoric rooms and given us time out. Time out to rethink the future of humanity and the role we have in shaping it.

Welcome to the human age! A place where those who put humans first and prioritise the mental health of their employees will reap the rewards long term. But how?

It’s time to cultivate a new intelligence, an intelligence that enables humans to cease reacting and start intentionally adapting.

This interactive learning experience will explore:

• What it means to be human and why it matters more than ever
• How to cultivate positive human connection experiences whilst working virtually
• A framework for amplifying the human skills required to support intentional adaptation and basic wellbeing



We are living in 'The Adaptive Age'. A time where igniting change trumps managing change, and choosing to adapt is imperative if we are looking to future proof our career or our organisation.

In this presentation, BKindred decodes the Intentional Adaptability Quotient (IAQ®) and dives deep into the role of focus, courage and curiosity in igniting our ability to evolve consciously.

Audiences will walk away with insights into their own IAQ®, drawing from research in neuroscience, psychology, and BKindred’s ongoing experimentation. The content presented will also enable the audience to adopt a pioneering mindset, empowering them with the skills to thrive in the next economy.

This topic is offered as a 45-minute keynote presentation or a half-day workshop.



What if fear was one of the greatest levers you had to create the life and work you always wanted? Courageous adaptation is the elixir that activates the most significant step towards sustained high performance, wellbeing, and the ability to thrive.

In this presentation, BKindred will take the audience through a step-by-step process designed to empower them with the tools to ignite courageous adaptation. 

Audiences will walk away from this presentation with a new perspective on the role fear plays in our lives. Courageous adaptation is a lens where we can see the possibilities for a world where happiness, creativity and innovation can come from working with fear rather than against it.

This topic is offered as a 45-minute keynote presentation or a half-day workshop.



We are experiencing happiness poverty, and it’s impacting our ability to thrive in a world of exponential change. It will come as no surprise that organisations are investing millions, if not billions of dollars in finding ways to increase employee engagement, enhance employee wellbeing, and drive greater productivity, in order to improve performance.

Yet research shows that: more than 50% of workers are still unhappy, 66% of the workforce is still disengaged, with 13% of those actively disengaged at a cost of up to $550 billion a year for American companies alone.

In this presentation, the BKindred team will explore where happiness is found and present an alternative pathway for those seeking to hack their own happiness. They will debunk the success = happiness equation and consider the opportunity that lies in flipping our mindset towards a new equation, happiness = success, to enable people to get back into the driver's seat of their own lives.

 Audiences will walk away from this presentation with ‘happiness hacks’ designed to amplify the belief systems and behaviours that enable greater happiness in the every day. They will also have a refreshed perspective on what ignites and sustains the kind of happiness that shines from the inside out.

This topic is offered as a 45-minute keynote presentation or a half-day workshop.

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What They're Saying

Kaylene O’Brien, Managing Partner, Deloitte Consulting Australia

All of the feedback I’ve received from our 300 plus conference attendees was positive, and the challenge from BKindred to us is a real catalyst for change in our organisation. The conversation of busy-ness, happiness and impact is now on the table and we are set for action.

Angel Llull Mancas, Senior Director North America at

I had the honor and the pleasure to host Penny as a Keynote speaker at our annual meeting in Amsterdam. She delivered a great experience and an extremely inspirational speech in front of thousands of people. 

Nigel Davis, Organisational & Sustainable Development Lead, Medibank

We were looking to drive some “outside the box” conversations and BKindred certainly delivered!  The Fear is your Future keynote helped to move the conversation into the realms of creating a future, one success (and mistake) at a time. Our employees left feeling motivated and asking themselves the question “What can I do to prepare myself for the future, today?

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