Our Team

BKindred is a tribe of unlike minds, entrepreneurs, pioneers, researchers and visionaries

Our team of facilitators are deeply passionate about igniting a new wave of leaders with the skills to make intentional decisions about how they adapt in a complex environment.


BKindred Founder, Penny Locaso

Voted one of the most influential female entrepreneurs in Australia, Penny is the world’s first Happiness Hacker, on a mission to teach 10 million humans, by 2025, how to intentionally adapt in order to future-proof happiness.

Penny Locaso is the Founder of BKindred and the creator of The Intentional Adaptability Quotient®. IAQ®. A world-first measurement tool and education program that decodes the skills required to not only navigate but thrive in complex and uncertain change.

In order to take IAQ® out into the world, Penny founded BKindred in 2015 which is a ‘do tank’ with a core focus on unleashing the power of Adaptability. Since its inception, Penny has grown BKindred from a one-woman show to a tribe of unlike minds, entrepreneurs, pioneers, researchers and visionaries who deliver a selection of keynote presentations, workshops and long-term training programs within corporate and educational organisations.

Alongside Penny's entrepreneurial endeavours, she is a faculty member at the esteemed Singularity University. This position has her working alongside some of the best technology and Artificial Intelligence innovators in the world, enabling her to gain valuable insights into emerging technology in addition to decoding the human implications of rapid change. She has partnered with prestigious brands including Google, Atlassian, Microsoft, Bookings.com, SalesForce, Deloitte, and KPMG, to name a few.

Today, Penny is an international keynote speaker, educational innovator, and author, preparing to release her debut book in 2020 titled Hacking Happiness. On stage, Penny has an aura of authority, born from in-depth research and acquired mastery on the subject of Adaptability. She has a natural charisma and her message will hit a chord with any corporate audience addressing one key question. How do we cease reacting and start intentionally adapting?

Aden Murphy

Aden Murphy helps people, groups and organisations that are ‘stuck’.  He supports them as they challenge the expertise, behaviours and identities that block them from moving on. He does this in a safe space, but not always a comfortable one.

Aden's career experience has been both deep and diverse. Academic work in doctoral, post-doctoral and industrial research settings. A variety of line management and leadership roles in global businesses and large capital projects. Full time Dad. Whatever the context, Aden wanted to pursue self-awareness and growth at the edge of his comfort. He didn’t always start with the courage he needed. He had to build it and you will too.  

Despite 20 years of professional success, Aden was unsatisfied with the direction of his life. His ability to adapt was a strength, but it kept him stuck on a path to somewhere he no longer wanted to go. You might want to make small changes to play with a new direction. Or maybe you need profound change to get the most out of a good crisis. Whatever the situation, let’s use it to move you closer to your potential.

Jeremy Dooley

Jeremy (or Jez as most people call him) is a highly sought after facilitator across business and sports, and is known for his dynamic and accessible approach to his work. Jez has worked with over 100,000 people in a career spanning 20 years.

Jez has a natural ability to see the potential in both the individual and the group, and then tailors the workshops to meet the needs of the cohort.

What sets Jez apart is that he does this quietly, not wanting to take the limelight away from the participants who are the ones he genuinely believes deserve all of the plaudits. He is the classic 'guide from the side.'

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