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Unlock Your IAQ® - The New Intelligence

Hold the key to higher performance and overall wellbeing.

Over the last two years, BKindred has partnered with multinational, Fortune 50, ASX100 and educational organisations, to introduce the concept of Intentional Adaptability Quotient (IAQ®) to large workforces - a measure of how skilled individuals are in making intentional change in an environment that is evolving at speed.

The feedback has been intriguing: that an ability to intentionally adapt contributes to increased creativity and innovation in the workplace, unlocked potential, improved wellbeing, and stronger relationships.

Explore your curiosity.

Can IAQ® predict high performing teams in the workplace and overall wellbeing? We set out to research our findings further. The result is the IAQ® - The New Intelligence white paper. We invite you to explore your curiosity by diving into our findings, and share the white paper with your colleagues. Download the white paper today.