IAQ® Challenge Series

Deep dive into experiential learning challenges designed to amplify intentionally adaptable mindsets and behaviour

Emerging research suggests that an ability to intentionally adapt is associated with higher performance, increased creativity and innovation, and improved wellbeing

IAQ® Challenge Series Skills

Your Intentional Adaptability Quotient® focuses on developing the human skills to effectively navigate complex change in an unprecedented future. We teach three foundational skills to amplify your IAQ®:

FOCUS - How to create the space for more of what matters in a world designed to distract you.

COURAGE – How to use fear and failure as a lever to shape the change you seek.

CURIOSITY – As a state of being rather than something you do in your spare time ... of which people tell us they have none.

The Busy = Bulls**t Challenge

Skill #1: Focus

Our focus on doing is compromising our state of being.

With the level of anxiety in the professional world at epidemic proportions and the pace of unprecedented change becoming faster, it’s time to bring intention back into the everyday. We have a responsibility to skill the future workforce in reducing the white noise of busy, and creating the space for more of what matters.

Our experiential learning program focuses on sustaining new ways of being, shifting mindsets and behaviours away from busy and towards positively engaged.

This is available as a one-day workshop or a month-long challenge.


The Fear(less) Masterclass

Skill #2: Courage

Vulnerability is an underrated powerhouse for creating impactful change.

Imagine the innovation that could be cultivated if fear did not stand between what we want and taking action.

This eye opening, tactics-based program identifies what’s holding your people back and teaches them how to use fear to positively influence behavioral and organisational change, build confidence and practice resilience.

The Fear(less) Masterclass is a powerful way to shift culture and enable individuals to thrive. It is available as a one-day workshop or a month-long challenge.


The Curiosity Challenge

Skill #3: Curiosity

Curiosity as a state of being rather than something you do when you have spare time.

When the two biggest barriers that hold us back from intentionally adapting are removed - busy and fear - we step into Skill #3: Curiosity. This is the reward of IAQ® and the door opener for reinvention, innovation, and greater fulfilment.

Our Curiosity Challenge teaches curiosity as a way to show up, expand learning and build deep relationships in the everyday.  We teach your people how to use curiosity as a state of being rather than something you do when you have spare time (of which people tell us they have none).

This is available as a one-day workshop or a month-long challenge.


You're in Good Company

What People Are Saying

“You can’t walk out of this workshop without having been inspired by yourself and clear on at least one action that will make a difference in your life.”

“The program opened my mind to principles I’ve never used to help break down fears and the stigma of fear. I was completely engaged and empowered to take even the smallest of steps to create change for the better.”

“Thank you for taking the time to engage with our team and delve into why the human element is so important and will ultimately give you a competitive edge. We will have a higher performing team as a result”

“A mind-opening experience as to how to tackle work productivity”