#HumanHour For Business

A simple initiative to amplify the human connection and mental wellbeing of your people in a world of physical distancing and working from home

COVID-19 is spreading exponentially, workforces have been sent home, physical distancing and self-isolation are the new norm and school's out. Welcome to the reality of being a professional in 2020. Partner this complexity with a workforce that was already feeling burnt out, anxious and humanly disconnected and you have the platform for a perfect storm.  Whilst the immediate priority is focused on flattening the curve, the long-term critical priority is maintaining the mental health of our society. Businesses who put humans first and prioritise the mental wellbeing of their employees at this time will reap the rewards long term. But where do you even start?

We are tribal animals, and our ability to not only survive, but to thrive has long depended on our social networks and what we invest in them. Positive social connection is scientifically proven to make us happier and healthier. 

What Is #HumanHour?

#HumanHour is a commitment to spend an hour of your time invested in positive human connection

Enter #HumanHour, these lightly facilitated pre-scheduled hours (with either a team or a collective of individuals across your business) have one objective, to bring positive human connection into one’s day. It’s not an hour to talk work, to pedal fear or share the latest statistics on COVID-19. It’s an opportunity for your people to connect to what truly matters, to seek to understand one another, to express gratitude, kindness and bring a little happiness into each other’s day.

We have facilitated these sessions with hundreds around the world with a heart-warming response. Participants share how #HumanHour has injected energy, hope, positivity and feelings of connection (even whilst in isolation) into a day that can feels like it’s on repeat.

What are the benefits of #HumanHour?

• Cross business connections and relationship building that did not previously exist

• Teams that have a deeper understanding of their peers and who they are, not just as employees but as human beings

• Employees who feel valued and encouraged to invest time in their happiness and that of their peers

• An insight into what motivates your people and how you might create further cultural initiatives to support their wellbeing in complex and uncertain times

Can I Experience #HumanHour?

Absolutely! Click below to sign up for one of our free weekly sessions to see how it runs and experience the benefits first hand.


How Do We Launch #HumanHour?

What's Included In The #HumanHour Toolkit?


We will provide two facilitated #HumanHour sessions and one coaching call with your nominated internal facilitators to train them up on being able to launch and run #HumanHour.

Session 1: Your facilitators will participate in the #HumanHour experience to get a feel for how it runs and the benefits.

Session 2: We will co-facilitate a #HumanHour with your nominated facilitators to help them get comfortable with running these sessions.

Coaching Call: We will provide a 30-minute coaching call to answer any facilitation questions and to walk through all of the resources available to support your facilitators in running a seamless #HumanHour.


To support your business and facilitators in launching a successful #HumanHour practice we will also provide:

Promotional Copy and imagery to launch #HumanHour in your business

Facilitator's Guide with simple technology and timing hacks to create a truly engaging online experience

Facilitator Slide Deck with scripts to support the flow of each session

Menu of simple exercises to ensure that #HumanHour stays fresh and can be run multiple times with the same people in different combinations across your business

The Investment

A once-off investment of $1,200 will secure your #HumanHour toolkit and facilitator training.

Book Now and let’s get started!


Want A Little More Support?

We are more than happy to fully support the launch of #HumanHour in your organisation and facilitate all sessions if you would prefer.  The investment for this option will depend on the number of sessions you require

Enquire here to talk through your specific needs.