Skilling University Students To Lead Tomorrow | Episode 5

Skilling University Students To Lead Tomorrow | Episode 5


Building empowered communities through university. After working as a Civil Engineer, then traveling for 2 years to more than 40 countries, Josh Farr asked himself, "If I could design my dream career, what would I do?"... With experience in student leadership and a passion for the value of campus life at universities, Josh founded his own business, Campus Consultancy, to empower student leaders through entrepreneurial education.

This Week We Explore:

  • How university students gain a 17-month head-start on their competition in entering the workforce
  • Josh’s excitement for the future in our ability to empower ourselves to create our own change from the inside
  • The disturbing trend to suggest that the future will be better, does this imply that there is a belief that the present is not so great?
  • Challenging ourselves to act on human connection, building it into the everyday
  • The chemical generating hacks that Josh uses to thrive in the overwhelming technological future

Find The Resources Discussed:


Mike Butcher / TechCrunch

Matt Ridley / The Rational Optimist

Matt Ridley / TED Talks

Hans Rosling / Factfulness

Hans Rosling / TED Talks

Rebecca Solnit / Hope In The Dark

Simon Sinek / 99U

Where To Find Josh:

Campus Consultancy



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