#HumanHour After Party

#HumanHour After Party

What Is The #HumanHour After Party?

We wanted to create the space for random strangers to celebrate the fast-growing global movement that is #HumanHour. The #HumanHour after party will provide the opportunity for curious types to humanly connect over the transformational experience that is Wine & Whiteboards.

Here’s How It Works

Everyone comes armed with a social challenge of any variety they’d love to problem-solve. We list them all on the whiteboard, then everyone gets a single vote, but there's a catch, you can't vote for your own social challenge. We then problem-solve the top 2 voted social issues at the whiteboard, over wine.

It Gets Interesting Quickly

We collectively explore what change may look like in the future for humanity, the opportunities it brings, and the challenges it will create for our everyday lives. We search social challenges, unknowns and devise possible solutions for de-risking and positively impacting our future in creative ways that hopefully brings more enjoyment in what we do.

Who knows where it could lead and who you might meet.

What's Included?

Amazing conversation, human connection and a complimentary glass of wine with your ticket purchase.




Date August 31
Time 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm


BKindred Email



One Roof Coworking
77-79 City Road
Southbank, Vic., 3006

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