Fear(less) Masterclass / Melbourne / 26 October

Fear(less) Masterclass / Melbourne / 26 October

“61% of us deny the power of our own ideas because we are too busy trying to work out how to fit in.” – Nilofer Merchant

The Fear(less) Masterclass is designed to teach you how to turn up your self-confidence, deal with imposter syndrome, and positively impact any change you seek in work or life.

Do you want to learn how to be unapologetically you?
 Do you sometimes doubt yourself and your capabilities?
 Do you wish you could deal with hearing “NO” more effectively, or learn to persist in adversity?

Imagine how much happier, innovative, and creative you could be if you had the confidence to stop trying to fit in and start bringing who you truly are, out into the world.

This is where fear(less) begins.


Is This For Me?

The Fear(less) Masterclass is for anyone seeking to amplify their confidence in work and life. If you currently find yourself at a crossroads – whether you’re looking to make your next career move, seeking a life change or desiring to shift the negative language and narratives you tell yourself – this workshop is for you.

What Will I Learn?

  • Build confidence and resilience through the practice of getting comfortable with discomfort
  • Positively influence outcomes when you’re under stress
  • Respond proactively to fear and positively shift your attitude towards failure
  • Stop fear from being a barrier to achieving what you want in life
  • Build your ability to make meaningful change

What Will I Take Away?

  • An improved sense of confidence
  • A set of tools and language that can be used to remove the barriers associated with the fears 
you currently face, and help shift your mindset in leveraging fear and failure to your advantage
  • A network of like-minded peers

Embed Your Learning Experience With The ‘100 NOs Poster’

During the Fear(less) Masterclass, you will learn the skills to build your resilience to hearing “NO”, and explore what’s truly possible, the new 100 NOs poster is a tool to help you on this journey. We’ve taken the amazing idea of celebrating getting comfortable with discomfort and turned it into a tool to help you step into fear, and learn to love a “NO”.

The ‘100 NOs Poster’ provides you with a goal to get after 100 “NOs”. Your job is to start asking for all the things you want, and every time you receive a “NO”, you cross it off your ‘100 NOs Poster’. Every “NO” you receive is a celebration, as it moves you closer to your goal. But there’s a catch, every “NO” you receive, moves you closer to a bigger “YES”. If you don’t ask, you don’t get, so, this brilliant tool teaches you the simple practice of micro-bravery, and encourages you to step into fear daily.

If you would like to receive your very own ‘100 NOs Poster’ at the workshop, just select the ticket option that includes the poster when making your booking.

Tell Me More About The Masterclass?

Experience has shown that smaller groups provide a safer environment for participants to open up and share what’s really holding them back, enabling a greater depth of tactical problem-solving for the most commonly experienced fears. For this reason, our Fear(less) Masterclass is strictly limited to only 12 participants.

Can I Ask My Work To Pay?

This Fear(less) Masterclass is a great way to enhance your value as a professional leader. Companies like LuluLemon Athletica, Powercor, and Australia Post are investing in this program to develop their people and their innovation capability. We recommend speaking with your line manager in relation to financially supporting and including this learning opportunity as part of your professional development plan.

What Our Past Participants Have To Say

“This workshop was the catalyst for change that I needed.” – Holly

“Penny projects confidence and allows others to grow within the workshop. She creates a safe environment for everyone to face their fears and allows room to create tactics to help combat fears.” – Hannah

“Penny is down to earth and funny. She is so open to sharing her own experiences and learnings which makes it real. Made me ask myself some tough questions.” – Jo

“Don’t be afraid to give up something you loathe in order to focus on something you long for or love. It was like being given permission to chase your goals.”

“I’ve held myself back from believing I’m awesome because I’m worried people will think I’m arrogant, but you know what, I’m awesome and I’m going to own it!” – Cheryl

“I’m in a job that I hate and realise I’m the one who put me here, and I’m the one who can get me out. My future is up to me, now more than ever. Keep delivering the message to more women!” – Erika

“BKindred helped me get out of my own way. Reflecting on why I criticise myself has really helped make positive change!”

“After 7 years in this job and previous experiences, I have reached some of these conclusions myself thanks to good mentors and role models. If only I had heard this 7 years ago! Now I can help others with this approach to thinking and managing thoughts. Thank you for your energy and passion!” – Leanne



Date October 26
9:00 am - 4:30 pm


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